Lisa Hannigan and Stargaze

Last October, I got to record and mix this absolutely beautiful record with Lisa Hannigan and Stargaze. I’ve toured with both acts for years but 2018 was the first time I got to work with them together.
It was a joy to mix this, I love the complexity of mixing classical elements and collaborating with the artist, orchestrators and conductor to fully realise their vision.
This is the first video to be released for the album, directed by living legend Bob Gallagher. The album is out May 10th.


Participant - Medicine

This breathtaking track is the latest from Participant aka Stephen Tiernan with strings from Gareth Quinn Redmond. I adore this track so much, it starts so subtly and delicately and by the end is soaring, beautiful, hypnotic. It’s one of my favourite songs I’ve ever mixed, I love the mixture of delicate folk, sweeping strings and the almost post rock elements of the repeating riff in the outro.